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Plant Health Care Services

Plant Health Care Services

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Plant Health Care is a proactive and preventative approach to keeping all of the trees and plants in your yard healthy and safe from disease or pests. If you are interested in getting a free estimate or learning more about our plant health care services, please get in touch with us today.

Insect Control

There are numerous insects that can negatively impact a tree or plants health. They begin to become noticeable when damaging leaves, stems, and branches. Our experienced arborists are highly trained to identify which insects are beneficial and which ones may prove harmful.

Plant Disease Management

Diseases in plants are abnormalities in trees and plants caused by microorganisms. This can be fungi, like mushrooms, or bacteria. This can happen to plants due to environmental stress, like a drought, temperature extreme changes or even air pollution.

Soil Nutrition

All plants require soil as their foundation to grow. The correct amount of light, oxygen, water, and nutrients all within the soil will determine how healthy the plant will grow. 

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